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Welcome Imagineers to Imagine Leadership LLC where we believe that every day is a chance and an opportunity to create a life of your dreams, appreciate the freedom and flexibility of extra-ordinary success, and enjoy the ride! We believe in you, the successful “everyday leader” who:

  • Shares creative and innovative insights;
  • Discovers challenges, examines possibilities, and makes opportunities;
  • Takes pleasure in extra-ordinary success;
  • Cultivates community.

We offer a world-class experience in coaching and consulting designed for the leader in you. Hire us today! To give a life changing workshop for your organization:

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Start Up
  • Community Development
  • Cross-Cultural & Diversity
  • Leadership Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Project Planning & Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Custom by Request

To start and facilitate group coaching on:

  • Career
  • Small Business
  • Life Transition
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • For one-on-one consulting
  • For your next annual retreat
  • For custom-training packages

Leaders make it happen and followers make excuses. Are you a leader or a follower? Contact us at info@imagineleadershipllc.com for Beginner’s Way group coaching and individual custom coaching and consulting packages starting at $50 a week.

Are you a leader or a follower? Contact us.

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