Asian Women’s Leadership


”Empowering, supporting and engaging Asian women to succeed as professional and personal leaders as well as contributing to their communities and cultures.”


Women in NAAAP! (aka WIN!) is a special program created and developed to build competent and confident women leaders within NAAAP and within the Asian Pacific community.


WIN!’s overall objectives include:

1. Equip Asian women with skills, confidence, and resources to effectively lead in a multicultural environment.

2. Connect Asian leaders to role models and create a mentoring network.

3. Empower Asian women and educate about challenging perceptions.

4. Engage with the community at large and represent Asian women across the world.

5. Inspire Asian women to make meaningful difference in government, education, business, and society.

Women in NAAAP! was launched at the 23rd annual NAAAP National Convention in Denver in August 2009 and has offered tracks and sessions in the 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 National Conventions.


In 2010, WIN! created a platform to launch its unique leadership training program for NAAAP members and the Pan Asian Diaspora. WIN! helped NAAAP establish a partnership with Macy’s, the first and exclusive Diamond Sponsor for NAAAP’s Annual Leadership Convention and Diversity Career Fair.


 In 2011, WIN! worked closely with specific chapters to host Regional WIN! Conferences — Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth.  Regional full day conferences has provided rich programming, engaged local and national sponsors, and energized existing and new members.  NAAAP continues to initiate and establish partnerships with premier national and international leadership organizations.


In 2012, several chapters continue regularly scheduled sessions focused on women speakers and career issues.  NAAAP San Diego established the WINner’s Circle Dinner on the 4th week of every month as a way for members to network and build relationships. NAAAP Colorado created a Women’s Prosperity Program with University of Denver. NAAAP Boston started a career POD program with many participants making transformative life changes.


In 2013, National Grant Program created in response to local funding and sponsorship challenges gave $1,000 to local WIN! programs.

Moving forward in 2014, WIN! will continue to offer national resources to chapters in search of themes, curricula, suggested speakers, and potential sponsor connections. WIN! Co-Directors are:

Ms. Grace Kiem, — Co-Director of WIN! (Partnership opportunities and External Relations)

Ms. Mel Chen, — Co-Director of WIN! (Chapter and Programming Resources)

Ms. Judi Rhee Alloway, — Founder and Senior Consultant

Download the WIN! fact sheet >> [PDF, 1 page, 500 MB]


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