2011 Events


1/13/11 Happy New Year for Mayor’s Commissions Asian American Affairs: Judi met with the commissioners for a meeting celebrating the Lunar New Year at 905 Arch Street in Philadelphia, PA



1/17/11 – Martin Luther King Day of Action: Keep Our Families Together

On April 16, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a Letter from Birmingham Jail. In it he wrote:


“How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.”



We can only imagine and be uplifted by the spirit of Dr. King standing with us as we fight for the right to keep our families together. As we fight for the right of innocent children to be raised by loving, guiding parents and family members who have already paid their debt to society. As we fight for the right not to be returned to countries we fled as child refugees. The laws that make this so are morally wrong and create destruction in our communities and in the minds of our young people. We stand in solidarity with all those effected by unjust laws, raise awareness of the struggles we face together, remember those who fought to make this world better for us, and rejoice in our power to make this world better for our children.


For more information about the event:


Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTnza3s-LwY&feature=player_embedded


1/29/11 – 1/30/11 Launch Weekend of So Venture In: As the CEO and Founder of So Venture In, Judi Rhee Alloway successfully got the biggest number of people on her team. Startup America, a White House initiative, was also created around the same time that So Venture In launched. Judi’s dream was to provide people with the tools and support to start their own businesses despite the struggling economy.




2/9/11 Lunar New Year Celebration:

Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs salutes Black History Month and celebrates Lunar New Year.

Featured Speaker, Daphne Kwok, Chair of President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  [Click here to read the flier]

Judi Rhee Alloway presented “Blind Faith” Slide Show: Resolving School Violence through Art courtesy of Fels High School, Fourth Wall Arts Salon, & Philadelphia Museum of Art.



2/25/11 – 2/27/11 NAAAP Leadership Academy:

Judi presented on Women in NAAAP! at the NAAAP National Leadership Academy where over 100 international leaders gather. This event took place at the Courtyard Marriot in Liberty Station in San Diego.





3/15/11 Speaking Engagement at “Giving Back at the Community” with Mayor Nutter and City Council Candidate, Andy Toy:

Judi spoke to multicultural group of students from Temple University to advocate for the importance of “Give Back, Get Involved” and voting. This event, which was hosted by Temple University Asian Students Association and Temple College Democrats also served as an opportunity to tell students how they can give back to the community.


Mayor Michael Nutter, Andy Toy, City Council At Large candidate, and Judi Rhee Alloway shared about their experiences of how they got involved in the community, what an impact it makes, and how people can volunteer.



3/26/11 WIN! Boston Conference Kick Off at Northeastern University: “Empowering, supporting and engaging Asian women to succeed as professional and personal leaders as well as contributing to their communities and cultures.”


Judi attended and promoted Women in NAAAP (WIN!) at Northeastern University in Boston. This special program was created and developed to build competent and confident women leaders within NAAAP and within the Asian Pacific community.




3/27/11 Meeting with Congresswoman Judy Chu: Judi had a meeting with Judy Chu about small business, immigration, deportation, and education.



4/4/11 Invited to attend WHIAAPI Briefing: Judi attended a White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders briefing in Washington, DC at the Dept of Interior. Around 300 leaders from around the country attended this meeting for Asian Pacific Islander American History Month.



4/18/11 Launched Mayor’s Commission on Asian-American Affairs website for Philadelphia

Judi worked with various City of Philadelphia departments to create a portal of information of city services and community events for the Asian American community.




5/9/11 Count me In for Women’s Economic Independence:

Over the past five years, Count Me In has inspired thousands of women entrepreneurs through its Make Mine a Million $ Business program.

While many of these women have found success through lessons learned and connections made through the M3 program, not all started out as obvious winners. The event focused on some community members who have passed $1M in annual revenues – or are well on their way – and how the M3 program helped them grow toward success and away from some familiar self-imposed obstacles. Judi was contributed on the Steering Committee for the M3 pitch competition.


5/24/11 Launch of AE2C:

Asian Americans in Energy, the Environment, and Commerce (AE2C) was founded on May 24, 2011. Judi was elected to the board after being nominated by Gary Zheng, CEO of Lubbock Power Light.




6/9/11 WHIAAPI Conference:

Judi participated in a White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders conference for established community leaders that was held in North Seattle Community College, Education Building.



6/26/11 Center Progressive Leaders New Leaders:

Judi led a workshop training and coaching new leaders involved in social justice. This event was held at the Municipal Services Building.




7/12/11 City Council Meeting at City Hall:

Judi attended a city council meeting at City Hall to discuss immigration and immigration reform.



7/16/11 Center for Progressive Leaders:

Judi led a workshop training new leaders on messaging and how to communicative effectively through it.



7/18/11 Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs: Judi met with the Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs to discuss immigration, small businesses, AAPI representation, and preparations for Immigration Roundtable.



7/20/2011 Immigration Roundtable at Philadelphia City Hall

Community leaders, members of the Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, and White House representative Stephanie Valencia discussed local, state, and federal immigration policies and laws.




7/20/11  Momentous White House Roundtable Discussion at Philadelphia City Hall:

On May 10, 2011, President Obama issued a call to action to fix our broken immigration system so that it will work for our 21stcentury economic and security needs.



7/28/11 Meeting with Small Business Administration, Chief Advocate Dr. Winslow Sargeant: Judi met with Dr. Winslow Sargeant, Chief Advocate for the US Small Business Administration, advisor to the President and Congress, about So Venture In.



7/28/11 Fixing the Broken Immigration System:

In response to President Obama’s call, the Office of Councilwoman Blackwell at City Hall and Project SHINE, a 2011 E Pluribus Unum Prize winner for exceptional immigrant integration initiative, at the Intergenerational Center at Temple University partnered to host a roundtable discussion about fixing the broken immigration system.





8/8/11 White House Urban Entrepreneurship Forum in Philadelphia: Judi pitched So Venture In while attending a forum for urban leaders in Philadelphia.



8/11/11 -8/13/2011 NAAAP National Convention in Boston:

Judi attended the NAAAP Convention in Boston, which included eight workshops from recruited speakers. Judi created program content and trained around 700 Asian women attending the event that day. While at the conference she moderated “Asian Leaders in Sustainability” and “Challenging Authority”.




9/15/11 Make Mine a Million Business Day:

Judi, Steering Committee member, attended a proclamation for Count Me In on City Council’s Make Mine a Million Day.



9/18/11 Trans-Health Conference Retreat at the William Way Center: Judi trained lesbian, gay and transsexual leaders in the “Train the Trainer” session to facilitate workshops at the Trans Health Conference. This conference hosts 2000 attendees annually.



9/21/11 NAAAP Connecticut WIN! Kick Off Event:

Judi organized a conference in CT for Women In NAAAP (WIN!) at the Hartford Country Club.


NAAAP-CT, in partnership with State Farm, presented the first WIN! forum to offer attendees the opportunity to network with other successful people, build personal and professional connections, and be motivated and inspired. This inaugural event showcased a panel of high-caliber local leaders who represent a diverse cross-section of the American workforce.

Panelists included:

Dr. Gopika Kannan – AVP of Knowledge Strategy and Innovation – MassMutual

Deb Palermino – Executive Vice President HR – MassMutual

Rita Mathieu – Director of Finance – Pratt and Whitney

Kim Williams – Diversity Officer – Baystate Health

Patti Castagne – IT Consultant, LGBT Activist

Keynote Speaker: Narmeen Choudhury – FOXCT

Around 100 people attended this kick off event sponsored by State Farm Insurance.



9/24/11 WIN! Conference at the JCPenney in Dallas Fort Worth:

Judi emceed and helped organized the NAAAP DFW WIN! Conference sponsored by JC Penney in Plano, Texas for Women in NAAAP!. Over 125 people attended with 25% men at this inaugural event.




9/26/11 Count Me In Pitch Competition Day in Philadelphia:

Judi pitched $500,000 for So Venture In at the Count Me In Pitch Competition Day at the Downtown Club in front of Shark Tank Season 1 Judge.




9/27/11 NBC Ask the Mayor:

Judi was selected to be in the audience for the taping of a NBC10 News segment featuring Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.




10/3/11 First Day at the WBC:

Started her first day as the Director of the Women’s Business Center.



10/11/11 Community Leader Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel:

Judi Rhee Alloway attended the Community Leader Dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for President of South Korea Lee Myung Bak.



10/13/11 Invited to White House Lawn for the Arrival of South Korean President Lee Myung Bak:

Judi was invited to the arrival ceremony of former South Korean President Lee Myung Bak with President Obama.




11/5/11 Center for Progressive Leadership Graduation:

Judi attended and spoke for the Center for Progressive Leadership’s closing ceremony. The Center for Progressive Leadership (CPL) is a national civic training institute that develops diverse leaders who can effectively advance progressive political and policy change. The Center for Progressive Leadership has trained over 6,000 leaders through intensive, nonpartisan leadership programs primarily in our state offices (currently Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, and Wisconsin).



11/9/11 Hosted an AE2C and AREVA Networking Reception and Dinner:

AE2C hosted a Networking Reception and Dinner on November 9 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The featured speaker, David C. Jones, Senior Vice President, Back End Business Development, AREVA, Inc., addressed the nuclear remediation response in Japan at Fukushima Daiishi.


Special thanks to AREVA, Inc., for sponsorship of this event.


(Photos of Judi Rhee Alloway)




11/19/11 Speaker at KOWIN event:

Judi spoke at John Hopkins University for the Second Annual Leadership Seminar for Korean-American Women.


“Building on the tremendous success of the inaugural seminar last year to promote mentoring and networking opportunities for the next generation of

Korean-American women, the theme of this year’s seminar was Beyond Boundaries: Mentoring Women for Leadership Roles. This year, we were fortunate to have the Sejong Society co-host the seminar, which was held at SAIS (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies). The Sejong Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young professionals learn more about Korea and U.S. policy towards the Korean Peninsula.


With over 50 participants, the seminar provided an excellent opportunity for women of all ages to hear from accomplished women across a variety of fields who discussed their path to professional success. Moderated by Balbina Hwang, Chair of this year’s seminar, the two panel sessions focused on different aspects of achieving success beyond boundaries, including those in “traditional” career sectors such as law, medicine and government, and other “non-traditional” sectors such as the arts and entrepreneurship. Panelists included: Judy Rhee Alloway, CEO of So Venture In; Florence Lowe-Lee, Founder of GABI (Global America Business Institute); Jong Joo Lee, Unification Attaché at the Korean Embassy; Jung-Sil Lee, Founder of ArTrio; Myong Ho (Lucy) Nam, Medical Director at Inova Fairfax Hospital; Silvia Park, Founder of SilTek; Sue Pender, Accountant; Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas, Senior Information Technology Officer (Team Leader), IMF; and Yun Jung Yang, Managing Partner at Yang & Ullman. A common theme that emerged was that despite the typical barriers and obstacles that women of Korean heritage face in pursuing professional careers, perseverance and the passion to succeed are formidable ingredients for achieving success.”




12/14/11 Pitched So Venture In to Daymon Johns from Shark Tank at the East Coast Early Stage:

So Venture In was pitched at the East Coast Early Stage Event to creator of FuBu and investor on Shark Tank, Daymon Johns.


12/20/11 Invited to Christmas White House Tour for AAPI Leaders:

Judi was invited to Christmas Tour for selected AAPI leaders at the White House in Washington, DC.


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