2012 Events



1/2/12 Mayor Nutter’s Second Inauguration

Judi celebrated Mayor Nutter’s second term in City Hall and PA Convention Center with City Council members.



1/6/2012 White House AAPI Business Leaders Forum:

Judi attended an event at the White House for AAPI leaders representing major corporations and smaller businesses.


AAPI Business leaders, from a range of industries and sectors, participated in the event, which was organized with the support of the International Leadership Foundation, the Coalition of Asian American Business Organizations, the Asian Business Association, the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and the Minority Business Development Agency at the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Read more at the official White House website.



(Photocredit: Emma Jacobs WHYY)

1/16/12 MLK Day Immigration Rally:

Judi attended the annual Martin Luther King Day Immigration Rally to raise awareness about immigration and immigration reform. Read more about the highlights of the rally here.


1/19/12 MCAAA Meeting with Asian Business Owners Meeting with FBI and Philadelphia Police:

In light of the violence against Asian American business owners in the area, Judi attended and promoted the event to brainstorm solutions, discuss what to do, who to contact, and who are typically the targets of crime.



1/27/12 – 1/29/12 KOWIN Retreat in Berkeley Springs:

From January 27-29, 2012, the following KOWIN members attended a KOWIN’s first retreat to Berkeley Springs in West Virginia: Judi Rhee Alloway, Hia Kim, Sami Lauri, Myung Ja Lee, Yoosook Lund, Myong Ho (Lucy) Nam, Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas, Helen Won, and Stella Yi.


The main objective of the retreat was to plan and discuss future KOWIN activities. During this retreat, the members participated in hands-on workshop sessions led by Judi Rhee Alloway to learn leadership qualities including group IQ dynamics and behavior conflict management styles. In addition, there was a viewing of the documentary “Don’t Cry for Me, Sudan”, a story of the late Father Lee, Tae-seok who worked as a doctor, teacher, and musician to impact the lives of the poorest people in Sudan.




2/4/12 – 3/13/12 Entrepreneurship Training Course at the University of the Arts:

Judi trained with aspiring entrepreneurs for six Saturdays at the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy, which included tips on creating a business, planning, marketing, and financial management.



2/6/12 NAAAP Leadership Academy in Scottsdale, Phoenix:

Judi attended and led an information session for Women in NAAAP (WIN!) at the NAAAP Leadership Academy for over 100 leaders.




3/1/12 National Women’s Business Council:

Judi spoke on behalf of the public on certain issues at the National Women’s Business Council event at Madison Auditorium in Alexandria, Virginia.



3/27/12 Women’s Entrepreneur Circle:

Judi presented a workshop for the Women’s Entrepreneur Circle titled the “Introduction to Mentoring” for 20 attendees.




4/16/12 Idea Blast: Got an idea? Brainstorm in this interactive group session. This creative workshop will take entrepreneurs through the process of growing business ideas into real businesses. Judi facilitated a workshop at the Morgan Lewis Building the 1701 Market Street.



4/16/12 Attracting Business Funders: Need seed money to help your business grow and thrive? Learn about the different financing options to fund your business. Panelists from financial institutions and nonprofits discuss the many financing options like traditional business loans, SBA microloans, and community micro grants.


On April 16th, 2012 Judi moderated a forum about how to attract funders to fund your business.




4/17/12 Business Marketing Strategy:

Is your business idea valuable? Great products and services mean nothing if people are not aware of their value. The start-up marketing guru Nic Darling (Postgreen Homes) demonstrates how to use your media outlets to support your message.


Judi organized and brought sponsors and speakers to facilitate the Business Marketing Strategy workshop at the Empowerment Group.



4/17/12 How to Start Coop:

Cooperatives can take many forms, from community initiatives to business ventures, but the message is the same: shared ownership. During this workshop, the experienced leaders in the Philadelphia Cooperative movement in this interactive workshop.



4/18/12 Legal Know How:

This session featured legal professionals who answered questions on licensing and registration, basic legal forms, tax structures, and intellectual property.


4/19/12 Women’s Entrepreneur Circle Creative Collaborative Partnerships:

During this signature women’s business event of Entrepreneurship Week: Creating Collaborative Partnerships, local business leaders discussed their experience with building strong networks, bringing together diverse interests, and developing tools to strengthen their businesses.


Judi moderated a discussion on creative and collaborative partnerships on April 19th, 2012 at 20th and Delancey Streets.



4/19/12 Closing Ceremony Speech for Empowerment Group Graduates:

This Closing Ceremony of Entrepreneurship Week 2012 included a networking session, a keynote address, and a “call to action” from a successful local entrepreneur.


Judi presented a speech for aspiring entrepreneurs at the end of their courses with the Empowerment Group.




5/3/12 AE2C Dinner:

Judi spoke at the dinner that was held on Thursday, May 3, 2012 for speakers, sponsors, founding members, and guests.



5/4/12 AE2C Conference:

Judi organized the First AE2C Conference and moderated the Diversity panel at the AE2C Conference sponsored by Peri, AREVA, and Covington at 701 Penn NW Edison Electric Institute.


AE2C provides a rare opportunity for Asian-American (and non-Asian-American) professionals in the energy and environment sectors to network and learn from one another.  Our program will feature:

  • Asian American entrepreneurs describing their successes and challenges in linking capital and human resources to investments both here and in Asia
  • China experts discussing matters relating to energy policy, technology, and trade, and whether or how US interests can find common ground.
  • Diversity professionals discussing opportunities for minority employees and small business owners to contribute to the growth of a clean energy workforce.



5/4/12 Dinner with former White House Chairman of Environmental Quality at Tony Cheng’s:

Judi met with former Chairman of Environment Quality, George Frampton for dinner at Tony Cheng’s.



5/22/12 Women’s Entrepreneurship Circles:

The Empowerment Group and Financially Hers organized a workshop on business budgeting and cash-flow management at the Free Library in Philadelphia. This workshop provided tips and tricks to save money to start your business debt-free. Participants also worked through a cash-flow management exercise and learned skills to anticipate financial scheduling.




6/7/12 Mastery Charter’s Exhibition Night 2012:

Judi attended Exhibition Night as a panelist judging the projects of high school ssophomores looking to go to the next school grade.



6/16/12 Center Progressive Leadership: Judi led a peer coach training for new leaders joining the Center of Progressive Leadership.



6/25/12 Korean Americans for Obama Philadelphia:

Judi created Korean Americans for Obama in Philadelphia. Through this, she and many others helped contribute to the largest Philadelphia voter turnout for Asian-Americans in Philadelphian voting history.




7/25/12 SBA Matchmaking Event:

Judi provided on the spot consulting for women-owned small businesses at Small Business Administration matchmaking event.




8/21/12 Invited to AE2C Members-Only Lunch:

Judi networked with new members to the AE2C lunch at the Army Navy Club in Washington, DC on Tuesday, August 21st.



8/24/12 NAAAP National Convention: Judi attended and presented an interactive workshop titled “Asian Women Never Sleep: Our Leadership Style” at the New York City Hilton. She had participants discover their leadership styles through personality assessments tailored to Asian women.




9/27/12 Women’s Business Center Success in the City:

The Empowerment Group held its 6th annual celebration of women entrepreneurs: Success in the City on Thursday, September 27, 2012. This event provided an opportunity for women in business meet and mingle with each other and learn from a panel of successful women entrepreneurs from the Philadelphia area.


Judi moderated the panel highlighting three successful female entrepreneurs from the Philadelphia area: two of which were winners of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy/Wells Fargo Center that won $10,000 in a competition.


The event allowed women to network and hear tips from women that have received courses from Judi at the Empowerment Group about business ownership.




10/6/12 Korean American For Obama Voter Registration Event:

Judi organized a voter registration event at Terminal Square in Upper Darby to try to register and encourage Korean Americans to register for Barack Obama.



10/20/12 NAAAP Southern California “Leading the West”:

For the first tri-Chapter Southern California Conference sponsored by the US Central Intelligence Agency, NAAAP Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, Judi moderated the Wonder Woman workshop featuring Janice Gardner, Chief of Staff, National Counterterrorism Center, and Sonali Merrill, former Sri Lankan Olympian, and spoke at a Powerful Woman workshop for Women in NAAAP (WIN!).



10/27/12 KOWIN Conference at Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University:

Judi attended the third KOWIN Conference at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. The third 2012 KOWIN Leadership Seminar was held at the City View Room at the Ellicott School of International Affair at George Washington University. The event was co-hosted with the Korean Students Association of GWU with the theme of Empowering Womanhood: Reclaiming Feminine Power. The keynote speaker was Senator Yonah Martin of British Columbia whose speech had the title, “Y’s Women: Wisdom of Women (and a Few Good Men).” Following this speech were the panel discussion on “Reclaiming Feminine Power in Politics,” a lecture, “Superwoman Complex,” by Mina Cheon, and a roundtable mentoring session. Over 100 participants attended this event.



10/31/12 Former Cabinet Secretary and Assistant to the President, Christopher Lu Town Hall:

Imagine Leadership, LLC staff, Rondaya Woodbury and Melody Lam as part of their involvement in Temple University’s Asian Student Association (TUASA) organized a Town Hall featuring then-Cabinet Secretary Christopher Lu with Tyrone Penserga, Chairwoman of Mayor’s Commission of Asian American Affairs Nina Ahmad, and Asian Americans for Obama. Temple University students were there to ask Christopher Lu questions about politics and issues plaguing their communities in time for the 2012 Presidential Election.




11/4/12 East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) Campus Tour:

Every fall ECAASU visits several schools on a mission to ENGAGE local Asian American student leadership in regions around the country. Being part of this tour, you will learn more about APIA initiatives and issues, learn about ECAASU and the LONGEST-LASTING conference of its kind, and create an impact on your community with other great leaders! These tours include:


Mixers and Games

Networking Time

Guest Speakers

Meeting the ECAASU National Board

Town Hall Discussion

Action Plan Training

Free food


Judi spoke on “Networking in the Asian American Community” at ECAASU’s Campus Tour stop at Temple University.



11/6/12 Election Night: Judi spent election night phone banking, canvassing and finally celebrating with other Korean Americans for Obama members on the night his second term was announced. As a result of the hard work for Judi and many others, they influenced PA state elections by 5 points.



11/14/12 Invited to an Emerging Leaders Work Group from Young Involved Philadelphia (YIP): Emerging Leaders Work Group selects young professional leaders to help Philadelphia institutions such as the Free Library and Philadelphia Zoo. This event at Philadelphia Museum of Art, Judi brainstormed with fellow community leaders to reach out to Philadelphia youth.




12/13/12 How to Effectively Influence Policy:

Judi was invited by the Korean Consul-General to George Mason University to speak at an event for Korean American leaders. She gave a presentation on “How to Effectively Influence Policy” in Fairfax, Virginia.


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