2014 Events

January 2014:

Korean American Day flag raising ceremony at Philadelphia City Hall. 1/13/14

Korean American Day flag raising ceremony at Philadelphia City Hall. Judi joined the Mayor and other major Korean city members on the flag raising of both the United States and South Korea signifying the two countries’ relationship. 1/13/14




IMG_5050Judi presents about WBC programs and resources. She’s working with women entrepreneurs at Benjamin’s Desk for Open Access PHL. Open Data. Civic Tech Growth. Access & Inclusion. Community Participation. 1/30/14




February 2014:



We're almost there! Can anyone identify what this building is that Judi is walking nearby? This photograph was taken during the White House with Small Business Majority on Medicaid Expansion. 2/24/14Judi joined 40 other small business owners from all over the nation at the White House to discuss about the importance of  Medicaid Expansion. 2/24/14
“Medicaid expansion is an important issue facing my business and many others here in Pennsylvania. Not only will it level the playing field for small businesses like mine, but it will actually pump money into Pennsylvania’s economy and that will boost my bottom line,” said Lou Camerlengo, President of Five Star Development in Pittsburgh, Pa. “Its an important issue, which is why I’m making time to come to Washington to meet with policymakers to discuss this issue.”


Judi's posing under the White House logo at the White House with Small Business Majority on Medicaid Expansion. 2/24/14Judi’s posing under the White House logo at the White House with Small Business Majority on Medicaid Expansion. 2/24/14
Research has shown that expanding Medicaid eligibility would be a boon to state economies and small firms by leveling the play field for small businesses, creating a healthier and more productive workforce and pumping new money into the economy.


White House with Small Business Majority on Medicaid Expansion. 2/24/14Judi joining other business owners on the table at the White House to discuss Medicaid Expansion. 2/24/14

“The bottom line is that expanding Medicaid in every state would lower insurance costs for small businesses and encourage a more robust workforce,” said John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO of Small Business Majority. “This would enrich the economy and create an environment much friendlier to many small employers who currently struggle to afford health insurance. With lower insurance costs and healthier workers, small employers can worry less about healthcare and concentrate on growing their businesses and creating jobs.”


Ambassador of Kazakstan at Senate speaks on nuclear regulation at Senate. 2/27/14The Ambassador of Kazakstan joined the United State Senate and other political leaders on the topic of nuclear regulation. The talk brought in leaders from all industry and the nation with both domestic and international perspectives.




Judi posing in front of the podium at the Senate. 2/27/14When we are not reaching for our dreams, we are snapping memorable silly moments: Judi posing in front of the podium at the senate. 2/27/14




marcellus shale picture

Judi meets with Marcellus Shale Coalition at Archer & Greiner, P.C. to discuss balancing job creation and industry environmental practices. Jobs pay around $84,000 for drilling workers. And fracking,
well, the debate is still on about the chemical pollution in the water supply vs. supplying our own domestic energy needs.  2/27/14


March 2014:

Impact Hub After a 9 month remodeling, Judi and 600 Philadelphians launch Impact Hub Philadelphia! It’s a 21,000 square foot 3 floor coworking space converted from fire house in NoLibs (Northern Liberties). 3/6/14




Think Logo Judi challenges a room full of Female Founders Network to “stand in their own power” at Impact Hub Philadelphia. 3/7/14




my RA images Judi is invited to a call with White House officials and Treasury Department on a new pilot program to increase retirement savings, MyRA. Backed by the U.S. Treasury with no fees and no costs, this retirement account is not tied to employer. Americans can independently fund this retirement vehicle like a Roth IRA. It’s a great solution for adverse risk investors! 3/19/14



WIN_LogoJudi hosts a webinar on women’s leadership for over  10,000 members of National Association of Asian American Professionals. She introduces the new team members and leaders as she becomes a Senior Advisor  and National Founder Emeritus.



April 2014:

IMG_5155With Institute for Corean-American Studies, Judi joins the Youth Excellence Leadership Training Conference in DC. The group visits Heritage Foundation, Center for American Progress, and the closed Congressional reading rooms of the Library of Congress. 4/17/14





YIP logoFun, civic engagement, and politics! Judi joins Young Involved Philadelphia for a night of debates and french fries. 4/17/14



May 2014:


 Judi loves a good adventure! She travels to high-impact countries in the Middle East and Asia to explore opportunities for #StartMyBusinessToday. 5/9/14 – 5/19/14




June 2014:


Judi teaches STEP #1: Start My Business to group of women entrepreneurs at Impact Hub. 5/20/14

STEP #2: Idea Lab is next as the ladies and the Imagine Team get together for a hands-on session. 6/3/14

STEP#3: #BankableBusinessPlan sets the template for the rest of the program. 6/17/14



White House logoNational AAPI leader reunion time! White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders gather in Washington DC for every May for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

July 2014:

SMBT No Dates Graphic Steps

Judi leads STEP #4: Market Research on Target Markets, industry research, and Market Share. 7/1/14

For STEP #5: Products & Services, students narrow down to their #winningbusinessidea. 7/15/14

In STEP #6: Marketing & Selling, it’s funnels and pitch day! 7/29/14

STEP #7: Social Media students delve in the social media ecosphere. 8/12/14

Students love to see their baby be born. STEP #8 is all about websites and getting their business online! 8/26/14

Students learn about 5 forms of incorporation, contracts, and hiring employees vs. contractors in STEP #9: Board of Advisors. 9/9/14

For STEP #10: Profit – we learn from an accountant about pro forma statements. 9/23/14

STEP #11: Operations, students think and calculate how to scale their businesses. 10/7/14

In STEP #12: Funding, students learn about OPM from family & friends, angel investors, and venture capitalists. They are ready to launch and get funded! 10/21/14

logo_trinetJudi meets with TriNet, a cloud based HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. TriNet offers payroll, benefits, risk & compliance, and a cloud platform. 7/11/14



DOC logoJudi is nominated by the U.S. Small Business Administration for National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Department of Commerce to advise the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on entrepreneurship training and global markets. 7/14/14




October 2014:

Judi launching Secrets at the podium
Judi launches “Secrets of 10%”, a leadership program based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War in Arlington, VA.  With videos, daily emails, and leadership tips, sign up for 30 Skills in 30 Day Challenge! Learn how to achieve victory in any situation. 10/4/14



December 2014:

City of Philadelphia launch


Judi stands in the front listening to Mayor Nutter speak on funding entrepreneurs. It’s City of Philadelphia launch for our clients’ businesses! 12/2/14




Judi mingles with app developers and entrepreneurs at Quorum, University Science Center. What does she plan to develop next? 12/11/14


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