Have you ever observed how some people effortlessly reach their goals and others don’t despite the same education level and similar upbringing?


Learn How to Win in Almost Any Situation

Draw From 2,500 Years of Secret Wisdom from Sun Tzu’s Art of War

When You Feel that You’ve Lost in the Battle of Life, Here’s How to Turn t he Tides…

Do You Feel….

….that no matter what you do, it just doesn’t happen?

….that you wished it happened instantaneously so you aren’t stuck?

….that you asked your family and friends for advice?

….that you couldn’t figure out how to engineer it no matter how hard you tried?

Do you continually plot in the hopes to get “IT”?

Learn the Free Keys of Sun Tzu's Art of War

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You know the feeling – that “IT” of the moment.

When “IT” comes to fruition, and you reach your win.

When you finally get what you deserve – the support, recognition and acknowledgment from your loved ones.

When you are so in your zone, the weight of your burdens are lifted and life hums along with you.

When you no longer fail, but you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Everything is brighter, easier and lighter.

The world feels like it is made of rainbows and butterflies.

You are on top of the world!

Now imagine if you could follow a system to assess what’s stopping you, learn and practice new skills and qualities, and know when to go for it?

Queries? Questions? Qualms?

7 + 3 =

Welcome to Secrets of 10%: How to Win in Almost Any Situation based on

Sun Tzu’s Art of War!


Victory is Mine!

“My experience with working with Judi is amazing! I had applied for a job and was negotiating the salary offer. With 24 hours to accept the offer, I talked to her about how grateful I was for the job, but disappointed about the salary level. She helped me develop a comfortable way to negotiate the overall package. When I talked to my employer, I received $9,000 more as my initial offer. Additionally they gave me another $11,000 raise in 6 months. Working with Judi is worth every penny.”


Washington, DC

“I was a recent MBA graduate and looking for a job. A year after graduate school, I was still unemployed. Through referrals, I discovered Judi. In a few sessions, I re-evaluated my job search and found my dream job! A few months later, I manifested the life of my dreams with a new car. At the time, I was looking for an apartment. I decided to save up money by living at home instead and recently bought a house!”


Washington, DC

“The 10 Top Reasons to work with Imagine Leadership” from our Clients:
10. Contemplative “8,000 year old Buddha” Thinker
9. “Compassionate Listener”
8. “Been there, Done it. Period.”
7. “Results at Speed of Lightning”
6. “Helps you Accomplish the Impossible.”
5. “Dishes out Tough Love with a Sweet Smile.”
4. “Great Sense of Humor”
3. “Visionary Executive”
2. “Creative Problem Solver”
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From Our Favorite Clients

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