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Have you ever noticed how #womentrepreneurs struggle to run their business and manage their lives?

At the Women’s Business Coop, we believe that everyone deserves an abundant life, full of passion, purpose, and prosperity.

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Why Do Entrepreneurs Fail?

Do you have a dream, an idea, or a project that you want to make money from?

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“Today, women own 30 percent of all small businesses —

up from just five percent 40 years ago.”

We believe that everyone has the opportunity

to turn her talents into profit.

Our Women’s Business Coop supports #womentrepreneurs to easily and successfully

start, launch, and manage an organization.

Join our 10s of thousands #womenentrepreneurs WBC members.

Our Women’s Business Coop goal is to increase the percentage of women-owned businesses

to 50% by the year 2034.

“A Challenging & Empowering Experience! What I couldn’t do in 15 years, I accomplished with Judi and the Imagine Team in 3 months. It challenged me in tremendously good ways, teaching me the language of business, encouraging me to confront my limiting beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward, and empowering me to create a strong foundation from which I am starting my business. I highly recommend this class and process.”



“I’ve been thinking about you {Judi} and our session.  Since that day, I cleared a block that I’ve had for years and it seems like everything is flowing right, or should I say, I’m able to move with the flow of life…I know your coaching is effective and I am making sure that I have cleared the path to go on this journey.”


Entrepreneur with a Day Job

“Living My Dreams! Once again, I THANK YOU each and every one of you for being apart of such and whirlwind of a year for me and giving me the confidence to live my dreams! I remember how each of you believed in me and encouraged me to spread my wings and fly!”


School Teacher & Non-Profit President

“Creating a Strong Business Foundation. A lot of my struggles in starting a business were uniquely female and issues stemming from being an Asian woman, especially where I doubted myself, looked for others’ approval, instead of looking within myself. The SMBT program was structured in distinct parts in creating a strong business foundation.”


Coach & Writer

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Overwhelmed to Start a Business?

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Making costly mistakes?

Need $10,000 in seed funding?

Looking for customers, partners, and funders?

Exposure to a 1.5 million+ network?

Imagine what you could do for yourself, your family, and your community.

Envision the impact you could make.

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Looking to Expand Your Business?

It’s Beyond Coaching & Consulting!

It’s your Personalized MBA.

How valuable would it be for you to have someone to help you every step of the way for the next month? 3 months? 4 months? 6 months? An entire 12 months?

Chief Strategy Officer Packages: Strategic Planning Made Easy allows you to alleviate your stress with an experienced professional who will work alongside you. You’ll get your business ready for the next steps. From the launch of a new product or service to a strategic sale, you’ll be poised and ready for success.

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Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

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What are your strengths?

What are resources and tools do you need?

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#ILead Scholarship Fund

#ILead Scholarship Fund helps to support at risk youth in the U.S. and entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Students Thank YouYour non tax-deductible contribution is much appreciated.


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